About Rey

Rey Tuazon began his journey as a photographer in 2006 whilst living and working in Singapore as an engineer. He honed his talent by attending seminars and workshops. His works have been featured in digital photography magazines (Digital Photographer Philippines is one of them) and photo exhibitions. Being a family man, the initial subjects in his photographs were those close to his heart - his wife, daughters and only son. His focus later evolved to wedding and portrait photography. A people-person, Rey is comfortable to work with and his subjects are naturally at ease posing for him.

A Sydney resident since 2009, Rey has done various Australian subjects ranging from weddings, landscape, portrait and fashion photography both creative and commercial.

"Photography is a passion that is deep seated in my being that my eyes would naturally see faces, events and celebrations as frozen memories in time. I pay attention to every detail of that very moment and I strive to seize the emotion embedded in it, so that each and every picture that I capture with my camera is a treasured memory worth keeping and sharing. "